“Fun Slot Online games for children” is basically the collection of fun games for kids to entertain you and your kid at home. If you’re looking for a bit of relaxation and rejuvenation – this is definitely the right app for you. From the huge list 15 different simple fun games for kids. These are all designed to keep your child’s attention in check as well as to make them have fun.

Balloon Hunt: This one is perfect for both boys and girls. Basically, there are two balloons which are floating freely in the middle of the game area. The object of the game is to get the balloon which is closest to you out of the box. The game is over when one team finishes and the balloons that are left in the middle of the play area will disappear. There is a timer on the bottom of the screen, which helps to track the completion of this challenge.

Simon Says: One of the most popular and easiest fun indoor games for kids is Simon Says. Simon Says is a flashcard game and was originally created for preschoolers. However, since its creation, it has been modified to work well for many ages. Simon Says is played by sliding your finger across the screen in a rapid motion to say things like “Hello,” “Good morning,” etc.

Memory Match: Memory Match is a fun indoor game where you use object mazes to build up an array of items for your child to remember. The object is to match the item with the appropriate picture on a corresponding square on a grid of the board. For example, to make a matching head and tail of a pig, place a pig image on the square with a tail on the left and a head on the right. The player gets to move their mouse cursor over a square whenever they click on it and follow the drawing to the right. The objective is to build up as much of the grid as possible before the time runs out.

Crocodile Hunter: This is a challenging flash game for both younger kids and older kids. The objective of this game is to shoot the crocuses that appear on the screen. The player must aim at the crocuses and not at other objects on the screen as they move around the grid. The controls are simple, and it takes only a few seconds for the player to master.

Marble Blast: Marble Blast is a two-player game that pits your skills against the clock. Two groups of marble spheres roll round the screen and the objective of the game is for one player to remove all the marbles from their group before time runs out. Whoever removes the most marbles wins. It’s simple enough that even very young children can learn to beat the clock. This is one of the many fun games for kids to play that should provide a lot of fun for the entire family.