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While there is added security with RFID-blocking technology, studies have concluded that the risk for information theft via scanning bags is minimal. Additionally, RFID-blocking reliability is hard to test in a lab setting because variables are so unpredictable. No, you only have to pay for the passport cover leather. It includes the charges of charms and inscription strips. You do not have to pay shipping charges for any passport cover throughout India. You can get it printed on your passport cover to serve as an inspiration when you’re out exploring the world.

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Passport seal is embossed on the front , so it may not be ideal for travelers not holding U.S. passports. Mr. and Mrs. Passport Cover- Do you want a present for travelholic couples? Our collection of Mr. and Mrs. Passport covers will surely catch your attention. Fashioned from PU or synthetic or faux leather, these elegant-looking passport cover; comes with a pre-decided charm and allows you to inscribe the couple’s name or any quotes in it. Textured Passport Cover- We at The Junket also have a dazzling range of passport covers in texture.

Shop for passport covers online from brands such as Shopo and Eske. If you’re searching for a passport holder that coordinates with other important travel gear, this passport holder and luggage tag combo from Leatherology can get you started. The set is available in seven solid colors that can coordinate well with all your luggage, and both items are made of full-grain leather. Leather travel wallets are a classic looking option with a simple finish that makes it versatile enough to withstand many fashion trends.

In terms of design, we come with a large selection of unprecedented solutions. We are constantly growing and evolving with the changing times. With our mission for true excellence, we certainly manage to steer past your expectations.

Passports and other travel documents contain sensitive information. Clasps, enclosures, visibility, and durability of material should all be on your mind when shopping for a passport holder. The soft elastic band closure slides on and off in a cinch and keeps the cover closed, protecting your items. The band is also more manageable for stiff fingers, and enables you to carry it hands-free by looping your palm or suitcase handle through the elastic band. The RFID-blocking layer is hidden between two layers of premium water-resistant faux leather, making it look and feel like a regular passport cover.

Essentially, you can keep all your things in an organized way without any hassles. Our quest for the present and future of traveling makes us the best in the game. With our highly-valued products, we continue to serve faithfully to our customer base. Check out here our distinct and stand-out collection today!

These covers are very similar to jacket-style passport covers. The only difference is that they cover the pages of a passport from damage, as well. They come in a plethora of colours and designs, and are made of materials like vinyl, plastic and leather. For the traveler who only carries designer accessories, consider this upscale passport case. It’s constructed of matte leather with silver-toned metal hardware emblazoned with the Saint Laurent logo.

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