The AI proofreaders also explain the mistakes to you, so you learn a lot while editing. Thousands of people use Writer’s proofreading checker regularly to give them peace of mind. Professional writers, business leaders, students, and teachers rely on Writer’s proprietary proofreading AI technology to correct writing mistakes in reports, papers, essays, and important projects.

Users will find that it works with Microsoft Word, Scrivener, and other systems. It can also be incorporated as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft’s Edge browser. Writer uses techniques from artificial intelligence, such as deep learning.

It works for both academic proofreading and proofreading for work. AI proofreading means checking a final draft carefully and correcting typos, grammatical mistakes, and other writing issues before publication. While editing focuses on logical flow, tone, readability, and style, proofreading is concerned mostly with the mechanical aspects of writing. The tool can be used to check grammar, summarize input text from the internet, build citations, paraphrase content, and check for plagiarism.

Simply submit your writing to our team of experts, who will review and revise it for correctness and clarity. There isn’t a browser extension but the online tool is free to use while the Hemingway app is downloadable for use offline and costs $19.99 to purchase. Either version is a good option for a writer seeking proofreading assistance while aiming to keep their prose clear and direct above all else.

When asked, ChatGPT explains how it can assist with proofreading and asks you to submit the work you want it to look over. It also asks that you clarify exactly what corrections ChatGPT needs to focus on. This would indicate that, though ChatGPT can look over your work, it is not capable enough to focus on everything proofreading entails. If you’re unsure how to answer these questions, Writer is the perfect AI writing assistant for you. Trinka corrects phrasing and gives your writing a formal tone. Select from several document types to ensure that your content is revised using appropriate language and conventions.