Pre-Construction Termite Inspection is performed by licensed contractors who have been specialized in providing the inspection service for buildings prior to its completion. These companies also offer pest control and treatment services after the completion of the project. They carry out a comprehensive Termite Inspection which includes comprehensive visual and physical examinations as well as laboratory testing for termite life span, reproductive capacity, and tunneling abilities. The inspections are carried out by trained technicians that closely observe and analyze the pre-built and finished interior and exterior structures. They advise the clients about any need for immediate repairs or maintenance services, suggest alternatives to termite control methods, and advise on cost effective Termite Control. It is the duty of the Pre-Construction Termite Inspector to provide a comprehensive report on the status of the building construction to the client.

The Pre-Construction Termite Services includes several services which are useful for builders. One of these is the inspection and sampling of soil for termite activity. This is necessary for determining whether or not to use specific preventative treatments such as baits and traps. The professionals also conduct complete Termite Extermination and Termite Inspection services to ensure that the construction site is free of termites. During the Termite Inspection process, the inspectors also check for signs of sub-areas or other holes used for termite sheltering or reproduction. They may also examine cracks in concrete walls and crawlspaces for access by the termites or for their nest.

Other services provided by the Pre-Construction Termite Services include the preparation of termite baits and traps for application on the building site. In addition, they prepare and apply Termite Treatment materials according to the approved manufactures’ directions. Finally, they seal any cracks or openings in the structure and perform any other necessary pre-treatments. If a structure requires repair, the professionals will perform routine maintenance as needed. These auctions, via sites such as termite control Carefree are also available online.

Before a house can be put on the market, it must pass the Termite Inspection process. Houses that do not have termites, but are being sold due to owner defect, do not need the services of a pre-construction termite service. There is a difference between the inspections that are performed before a house is put on the market and the ones that are performed once the house has been sold. For houses that have been inspected and determined to have termites, there is no need for a professional sos exterminator to come out and treat them. It is up to the buyer to do this himself by examining the exterior of the home and deciding if he wants to invest in the house or not.

Home buyers who have hired a professional sos exterminator to perform pre-construction termite treatments have two options: One, they can either choose to allow the treatment to be done by the professionals, or two, they can hire an independent pest control company to do the treatment themselves. The homeowners who have had their homes treated with pesticides need to make sure they know what their exposure levels have been through the use of the pesticides. This is because some of the pesticides used for termite extermination have been linked to serious health problems. A professional is exterminator should make sure the house has been treated with the appropriate pesticide so that the buyer is not put at risk. These are serious issues that cannot be overlooked.

Not all of those who have had a pre-construction termite service want to risk the health of their family or have a family member who may develop serious health problems after being exposed to pesticides. Some people choose to have their homes treated before construction begins and others choose to have the work done after the fact. It is up to the home buyer whether he wants to accept the risks associated with a pre-construction termite service or one that has been performed during the construction process. If the home buyer does choose to hire a professional sos exterminator to get rid of termites before construction begins, he needs to know what he is getting into and fully understand the risks involved.