Elegant and easy to grow, our heart shaped lucky bamboo is a perfect gift for giving on some professional occassion as well as casual one. It can also increase the look of your study table and also give you positive vibes while doing work. One of the strongest fengshui elements, they are symbol of good luck and fortune. Also according to Feng Shui masters, wherever bamboo is placed, good fortune is sure to follow. Its a traditional symbol of happiness, wealth and health.

Its air-purifying properties and easy maintenance make it a favorite one. It removes gases like Carbon Dioxide, Benzene, Formaldehyde, etc., from its surroundings. The Milt plant is renowned for absorbing cancer-causing pollutants like Nitrogen Oxide, Trichloroethylene, Benzene, Formaldehyde, and Xylene. According to Feng Shui, it releases positive energy and should be placed at the southeastern corner of the house. Self-watering planters use sub-irrigation to deliver water directly to Groene kamerplanten roots.

The plant looks quite cute with round, green leaves that look like mini pancakes. Since the plant is sensitive to harsh heat, you must place it under indirect sunlight and water when the soil does dry. A monthly fertilizer will encourage new leaves and pretty flowers too. Philodendron refers to a large group of different varieties of plants that share similar characteristics like thick and large leaves. The Red Imperial is a popular gifting plant from the Philodendron family which has closely-packed, reddish-green leaves and red nodes.

Prayer plant symbolizes devotion and focus, making it one of the best spiritual plant gifts for your near and dear ones. Also, the changing leaf patterns of this plant symbolizes an organized and disciplined life which goes as per a planned schedule. Prayer plants have great ornamental value and sit pretty in any corner of your home. The plant prefers filtered bright light and low light conditions with a little warm water when the soil goes dry. Chinese Money Plant is a type of indoor plant which symbolises wealth, prosperity and good fortune. It makes for a perfect gifting option for people who are starting out a new business or a venture and symbolically wishes them good fortune.

Light and heat requirementsCrotons need a very brightly lit location so that they keep their bright colors. Asparagus Ferns produce tiny white flowers in late summer to fall, and will occasionally form red or black berries. They can be trained to cascade down from a hanging planter, or to grow up a totem as a vine.

When you first receive your new sapling, shake off excess water, and set them in a place to dry off. Divide the plant every four years to encourage new growth. 1) They add cheer to your mood, reduce stress and enhance concentration because of their natural ability to do so.

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The best way to increase the humidity around your plants is to run a humidifier nearby. Clerodendrum Chinense – Hazari Mogra Plant The cultural requirements of Jasmine are simple but exacting. The best way to increase the humidity around your plants is to run a humidi..

One of the most common questions after Christmas is “How can I care for my poinsettia so that it will bloom again next Christmas? While this can be done, it’s a very fussy, exacting process and since the plants are not that expensive, you might just choose to start fresh next.. Peperomia Variegated Plant The Peperomia houseplant is an attractive addition to a desk, a table or as a member of your houseplant collection.

It’s a hardy fern variety, adapted to living on forest floors, where the air tends to be cool and damp. It does well in moist, well-draining soil, and likes to be misted as well. This doesn’t always mean you need a misting bottle—spraying it in the sink or hanging it near a shower that’s used often works as well.