Yun Xiang , a disciple of Yuntai, enters the jungle after 10 years of practice. In the process of wandering the world, Yun Xiang makes friends with several people and start to experience the warmth of friendship. The quirky, intelligent and smart woman, Shu Yanan , makes Yun Xiang fall in love with her. Yunxiang and his friends have a happy time together. As he investigates the tragic case of his former clan’s extermination, Yun Xiang unearths more horrifying secrets and things start to take a turn for the worse. The drama will be broadcast online on iQIYI’s international site (

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MUSEMUSE in only exclusive to their members. The latest Thai dramas are uploaded here and this site can create English subtitles for all uploaded dramas. There were free in the past, but now, the members are separated into free and premium. In general, the content you can watch on Netflix is limited to the region your computer is currently located in.

In 2022, Thailand is governed by Prime Minister Traipop, a young politician who is considerate of public interests over political. Dr Siam tries to warn Traipop that the Tsunami might be in the Gulf of Thailand. However, in the end, the Tsunami hits Bangkok on April 13, which falls on Songkran Day.