A Barbell Weight Bench is a piece of heavy equipment that has many uses. It is normally used for bench pressing. The weight bench is normally made up of two pieces, a horizontal bar for the bench press and a dumbbell handle and comes with a bench clamp or a V-clamp that keeps the bar in position when you are holding it. Usually the bar weighs 45 pounds and the dumbbells range from one pound to three pounds.

There are different uses for the barbell weight bench depending on what exercises you plan to do. It is best to perform workouts on a bench that is adjustable so that you can make it more or less comfortable to use depending on your height, weight and muscle groups. People who are very tall and/or have extremely weak muscles may find it difficult to bench press heavy loads. For this type of person a lower heavy load should be used to build up the strength of the bigger muscle groups.

Some of the exercises performed on the standard barbell weight bench include seated rows, bent-over rows, flat flies, incline bench, incline dumbbell raises, reverse flies, single arm dumbbell extensions and upright row. The bent-over rows target the lower back and should be done with the lifter bent over and with his feet shoulder width apart. The flat fly targets the upper back while the incline bench works the upper chest muscles. The incline dumbbell raises work the lower chest muscles while the reverse flies target the middle chest. Single arm dumbbell extensions are used by lifting one dumbbell and resting the opposite hand on the opposite shoulder. The upright row targets the upper back while the reverse row targets the lower back.

One of the most popular exercises done on a standard weight bench includes standing shoulder press. This exercise targets the triceps. Standing shoulder press is also used by bodybuilders to build their arms. A common method of training that uses a small barbell and a pair of dumbbells is the cable pulldown. With this method, weights are lifted in a horizontal manner by gripping the weight bench handle with a small barbell and allowing it to be lowered to the working point. Pulling the weight from this position causes the dumbbells to pass through the hands and bounce on both sides thereby creating an explosive lift.

Olympic weight bench is a type of weight bench that offers a platform for the user to perform Olympic weight lifts. The Olympic barbell weight bench is designed to provide support for the entire body. It has a high quality of rubber padding and steel stays to ensure safety during the lift. Olympic weight bench usually weighs three hundred pounds and more than two hundred pounds when it is fully assembled.

Deadlift: The deadlift is a heavy duty bench exercise that is mainly used for building the muscles of the legs and lower back. The Deadlift can be performed with a barbell or with a pair of dumbbells. When performing the deadlift, the lifter will have to allow for a moment of pause at the top before lowering the weight to the starting position. Squats and Deadlifts are an essential component for any workout routine for maximum muscle growth and development.